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If you are an aspiring singer/songwriter with a desire to get recognised in today’s competitive music industry, it is crucial that you present your music/talent in the best possible way!
We believe that, with our understanding of the modern music industry and our unique skills as
producers/songwriters, we can transform your ideas into a finished product,
which represents you at your absolute best!

Our friendly yet highly professional attitude to producing and writing music will make you
feel satisfied and help to develop your talent, as we listen to your ideas and guide you towards a
finished product of the highest standard!

Song Writing & Arrangements
Write us an email and present your idea and we will produce your tract. We will program/mix the music,
play all instruments and you will receive a finished master on CD.

Mail Service
You send us a rough version of your song plus lyric sheet and we will produce a
high quality demo of your song. We will send you back the finished product
within 14 days.

Lyricist service
You tell us what type of lyrics you would like to have or maybe you have unfinished
lyrics that requires finishing touches let us know and will sort that out for you.
*For price inquiries and other information just contact us!